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Hello Milo

@Milo: Since we have the new table *_temp_infos I think, it would be a good idea to store such values (one valid value for a whole forum but not a static value) there, wouldn't it?

Sounds good, yes. We can add a trigger to the entry table to update this value on insert/delete.

Yesss, triggers. Because I never used them in MySQL [1] every time they are mentioned I'm a bit surprised. :-)

As far as I researched, triggers was introduced with MySQL 5.0.7 and the user needs the granted privilege (German language) for it. We can set the minimal supported MySQL server version to the version 5.0.7. IMHO it's no problem to require nowadays a least version 5.5 (it's a long time ago I saw older versions), so this should not be an issue.

But how to deal with privilege thing? What, when the forum operator doesn't has this database privilege on her/his server installation? Don't offer the feature? Work around the restriction with PHP-code? If so, why not using it from the beginning?

Hmm, I think a trigger is the way to go in this case. But I also think we need at least an argumentation for the case, an operator misses this function because of the restrictions of the running system.

Aside from that we need IMHO a database pro. I think there is a big potential for optimisations.

Tschö, Auge

[1] I use them often in MS SQL Server but there I have one server, not hundreds of users with differing environments.

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