@Homie, I think, we need more info (General)

by Milo ⌂, Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 10:25 (340 days ago) @ Auge


@Milo: I append my entry onto yours, because it's matching at best.

No bug?

Yes. A deprecate behaviour is, if the forum sends mails to anyone, i.e. people, which are *not* members of your forum.

The forum does send emails to anyone (deprecated or not)?

To every reg. user in the forum depending on the option. The forum does not send emails to everyone else.

I am a bit confused, because until this point of the thread I can't identify the problem.

The Problem is: A reg. user enabled the option to get mails via contact form. This user get normal/desired mails. But the user also get SPAM-mails because the contact form can be filled by a robot. Homie want to restrict the mails to the desired ones.


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