I can't post anywhere while logged in... (General)

by bubba_nli, Friday, September 02, 2016, 22:25 (442 days ago) @ Auge

This is not the information, I asked for. :-) You can't post only in this forum installation or not in any installation (yours or soemone elses forum)?

Yes, that got right by me, sorry about that.

The problem is only here, the two installs I have running elsewhere seem to be fine, I just checked them to make sure. Both installs are up to date, so I doubt it's a bug in the forum code per se. The spam filtering here is pretty aggressive and I'm guessing it's related to that somehow.

I just got to wondering if I had ever made a successful post after creating a user account here. I see I made one successful post while logged in but that was in Feb. 2014, previous to that I was posting as a guest here.


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