Linking to images instead (Technics)

by smurfy ⌂, Saturday, July 05, 2014, 23:57 (1231 days ago) @ Alfie


How can this problem be resolved, as it would be cool to have Gif's animate within posts... Not that I would know how to implement new coding if it could be remedied.

A workaround would be to upload the gif to any of the many free image-sites and link to it between img-BBCodes. For an example see this post.

But why don't the MLF people make it so that you can upload Gifs and enable them to animate ? ... Is it that difficult to implement this in the MLF board ? Or are they just lazy :lol:

Thanks for you reply. :ok:

By the way, can I use HTML code in the signature box on profiles ?

HTML-code is nowhere supported in mlf, but all implemented BBCodes can be used in the signature as well.

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