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    Pپھچان/آی ڈی # قسمسختیمقاماپ ڈیٹڈخاکہ
   0000017 PHP/Backendختمنیا2011-08-10PHP Syntax Error in V2.2.8
   00000122Generalخاصراے2010-10-27YouTube URL Method doesn't work
   0000016 PHP/Backendدھچکانیا2010-09-06User lock links in User Administration are actually links only for User, not Moderator or Admin
   0000015 HTML/Templatesتھوڈانیا2010-08-26Formatting issues after 212 replies in one thread
   0000014 Generalتھوڈانیا2010-08-26Like/Dislike
   0000013 Generalتھوڈانیا2010-08-11Horizontal scrollbar in preview closes window
   00000111JavaScriptتھوڈاحل ھو گیا ھے (Alex)2010-05-20Thumbnail feature doesn't work in Safari
   0000010 PHP/Backendتھوڈاحل ھو گیا ھے (Alex)2010-02-08T-Online: e-mails are not displayed correctly
   0000009 HTML/Templatesتھوڈاحل ھو گیا ھے (Alex)2010-02-08graphical CAPTCHA is not displayed properly if cookies are disabled
  0000008 PHP/Backendختمحل ھو گیا ھے (Alex)2010-01-25Error if thread starting posting is moved to a reply in the same thread
  0000007 PHP/Backendختمحل ھو گیا ھے (Alex)2010-01-02Forgotten password email problem
  0000002 Databaseخاصحل ھو گیا ھے (Alex)2009-07-23Long loading time for user list if there are many users/entries

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