my little forum is a simple PHP and MySQL based internet forum that displays the messages in classical threaded view (tree structure). It is Open Source licensed under the GNU General Public License. The main claim of this web forum is simplicity. Furthermore it should be easy to install and run on a standard server configuration with PHP and MySQL.
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To install my little forum you need a web server or web hosting account (Linux/Apache recommended) with PHP 5 and MySQL >= 4.1. Follow these steps to install the forum:

  • Unzip the script package
  • Upload the complete folder "forum" to your server
  • Depending on your server configuration the write permission of the subdirectory templates_c (CHMOD 770, 775 or 777) and the file config/db_settings.php (CHMOD 666) might need to be changed in order that they are writable by the script
  • Run the installation script by accessing http://yourdomain.tld/forum/install/ in your web browser and follow the instructions

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